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The De Bowers story

All good ideas have a very simple beginning, and this is no different. On buying his first classic car in 2013, Kim DeBowers looked to buy a history file to house the vast collection of papers, receipts and legal documents he received in a cardboard box. To his utter surprise nothing existed in the market whatsoever — so... he decided to make it himself!

During a long gestation period which followed, he canvassed opinion, gathered ideas, used his own collection of tattered and battered paper to experiment with different materials, different formats to construct what you see here today. "Anybody who cares about their car will understand the relevance of this product" says Kim. Indeed this also has legal implications. In a 1990 legal case at the Law Courts in London to establish the legal authenticity of a classic car, the presiding judge Mr Justice Otton referred to the necessity of a 'continuous History'. The Law Courts in London define this as:

“a full, unbroken and authentic set of documents which identify in a reliable manner who has owned the car, the uses that it has been put to and a description of its service history and any restoration, rebuilding or reconstruction work that the car has experienced throughout its life since originally leaving the factory”

This is exactly what we are trying to do here at De Bowers!!

Guarding the future by preserving the past