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The De Bowers Motor File

We have sought to provide you with a high quality, hard wearing, product that will give you and future owners an immediate record of your car's history. Consequently, in an ideal world, the file should remain permanently with the car. And like your car, this file should be maintained to give an accurate and legal record of the car's past history.

The file itself has been designed to cover nominally 20 years from the time of purchase. However, this could be extended considerably depending on the size of the file. Understandably, much older cars (veteran and vintage) will have substantially more documents and these will need to be filed in a De Bowers Repetitive Document Slip File. These will be mainly servicing receipts and other such recurring documents that are not immediately relevant to the car's 'recent' history. These can be purchased separately, keeping the 'current' file to a manageable size. However, the main file should have a full index of all documents making it easy for example, to see the entire service record. Only if document inspection is required, will it be necessary to access the repetitive document archive.

The file is dividied into three parts; Legal, Technical and Provenance...


The legal section contains two separate display and storage pages for vehicle vegistration and vehicle test (MOT) documents. These are located at the beginning of the file as they are usually the first documents needed by potential buyers, repairers, dealers and auction houses. Each A4 page consists of a content display page backed with a storage facility, capable of containing up to 28 documents.


In this section we deal with the next most important part of the file; the car's service, modification, and restoration history. Each of these elements has its own contents page that should contain a list of events for that activity. With the archive behind, it's possible to quickly see the documentation that relates to each listed event.


This is perhaps the most interesting part of the file, as it is here where the history of the car comes alive. Who owned the car, what it has done and where it has been is explained. Each file will be supplied with a sample 'Provenance layout' page, but as this is such an expansive subject it will be up to the individual owner to format the car's particular history. Extra pages can be purchased for this and the other sections of the file if needed for cars with large histories.

The upholstered interior of the heavy cover includes pockets for spare keys, a CD pouch (pictures), a trusted suppliers trade-card holder and several other large pockets for miscellaneous documents. At the rear there is a large pocket to accommodate the manufacturer's handbook. We have made no provision for insurance papers as these are transient documents not really relevant to the history of the car. Crash and accident repairs can be included in one of the technical sections. All handmade to De Bowers registered design and manufactured in the highest quality English leather, this product will last!

If it doesn't have a De Bowers- it doesn't have a history